End Package Rage with a Can Opener

Clam Shell KryptoniteOne of the best Christmas gifts I received this year came in the form of a blog post from Lifehacker. As a dad, I am tasked with the unenviable task of opening presents for my children. This typically results in spilled coffee, wounded appendages, swearing, and other less than ideal Christmas parenting moments. Besides the ridiculous use of use of twist ties and fastening devices, the most common culprit for package rage has been the Clamshell Package. This molded plastic nemesis has been the downfall of many a skilled father. No amount of pulling, twisting, tearing, chopping, and or tugging seems to weaken the Clamshell – until now. Lifehacker unveiled what amounts to Clam Shell Kryptonite, the simple handheld Can Opener. It is as easy as this. Take the Clamshell Package. Clamp the can opener at a point on the edge of it. Twist it, just like you are cranking open a can of beenie weenies, and voila. Package Opened. It is amazing. For a dad, this is one of the best Christmas gifts I could have received. In fact, as Christmas went on with extended family, my eyes lit up every time someone had a Clam Shell package – giving me an opportunity to share my newly learned skill. Thanks Lifehacker for once again making my life better.

Clever Uses: Open Clamshell Packaging with a Can Opener

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