The Old Lefthander Belongs in Cooperstown

It is this simple as this.  Joe Nuxhall is the most venerable man on the a franchise that is one of baseball’s most historic.  He belongs in the hall of fame.  With everything that is wrong in the sport of  baseball today, Joe represented everything that is right with it.   Perceived as an “average Joe” by the way he conducted himself, he was far beyond average  in his accomplishments.   The impact he made on the lives of the fans of baseball and the Reds is immeasurable.  Broadcasting from WLW for years, nearly every memory I have of the Reds was delivered to me courtesy of Joe Nuxhall and his partner Marty Brennaman.  Nevermind that he was the youngest player ever to take the field for a major league club, Joe Nuxhall is and will always be a legend amongst legends.  He is Reds baseball.  He belongs in Cooperstown.  More than any hit king.  More than any home run king.  Joe Nuxhall is what baseball is all about.  Put Joe in the Hall.

Will Nuxhall make it into Hall?

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