Mourning Subtraction – WMUB Funding Cut

Dayton is blessed with 2 public radio gems, WYSO 91.3, and WMUB 88.5.  These stations pretty much cover the extent of my regular FM radio listening.   WMUB features great programming from NPR, just like most public radio stations, but also has great local shows like Free Advice,  The Help Desk, and WMUB Forum.  Most notably, WMUB has the one and only Mama Jazz, who spins classic and contemporary jazz music for your listening pleasure every night of the week.  Unfortunately, at least in the short term, Miami University is cutting back on the funding it provides the station.  I hope that this will not mark the end of the station, but simply a shift in strategy for the future.  While I am not sure what the future will hold for the station, I am sure that I hope it will continue to deliver the great programming that I enjoy so much.   I encourage you to give the station a listen, and get involved as this situation unfolds so that this treasure is kept on the airwaves.

Public radio WMUB losing nearly $100K in funding

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