Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…Keep Momentum Rolling…Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…Downtown

Sorry about the “Rawhide” headline, but I have seen the “Blues Brothers” a few hundred too many times in my short life and any time I hear a phrase phrase with “rolling” in it my mind conjures up images of Jake and Elwood’s Country and Western rendition of the tune. But I digress.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Town Hall Meeting at Sinclair today put on by WDTN, Sinclair, and the Dayton Business Journal. The event featured various stakeholders from the area and revolved around a discussion of downtown Dayton. I was happy to be a part of the event. It was great to see the panel, representing so many different interests, cohesively supporting the growth and development of downtown. I firmly believe that while our city faces an abundance of challenges, there is a talented, passionate group of elected and appointed officials at the helm- all of whom are working to make our city and the surrounding region a better place to work and live.

I took the opportunity to share my delight, and that of my fellow employees here at Hafenbrack, about our move to downtown with the panel. It has truly energized our organization. As part of the 14% of jobs created by new businesses in downtown, I say thanks to all who have welcomed us. We are happy to be downtown, and look forward to continuing to add to the growth of the city both directly and indirectly.

While the meeting focused on downtown, there was attention paid to the region as well. I strongly believe that we need to be attentive to the needs of downtown Dayton, but in the broader context of the surrounding communities. Dayton has unique amenities to offer that other communities do not. Arts, entertainment, history, diversity, location, etc… Conversely, each community in the Miami Valley has its own flavor and serves to add to the overall attractiveness of the region. It is not a zero sum game – or at least it does not have to be. By creating a wonderful downtown, surrounded by unique and wonderful communities, we can bring in jobs and people from outside the area – sparking real growth. In doing so, we all benefit. I feel good about the fact that there appears to be a great deal of effort going into improving our city, our county, and our region. I am a stakeholder in all of the above. I hear so much negative about the area, that it is nice to hear more about the positive. There is an abundance of it.

I would like to extend my thanks to all of the panelists who gave of themselves to talk about the future of our community. The panel was composed of the following members (taken from the DBJ)

Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin; J.P. Nauseef, president and chief executive officer of the Dayton Development Coalition; Debbie Lieberman, president of the Montgomery County Commission; Sandy Gudorf, president of the Downtown Dayton Partnership; Rashad Young, Dayton city manager; Phil Parker, president and chief executive officer of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce; and Richard Stock, director of the University of Dayton’s Business Research Group.

Below is an article from the Dayton Business Journal about the event. It does the event more justice than I can, and contains the “rolling” quote that inspired the headline. Give it a look.

Area leaders gather for town hall forum on downtown Dayton – Dayton Business Journal:

1 Response to “Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…Keep Momentum Rolling…Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…Downtown”

  1. 1 K.Lew April 27, 2007 at 10:01 am

    Great post.

    I was at a Kiwanis Club meeting where Rashad Young spoke about improving the downtown and greater Dayton area. The link below is a candid view of some of the projects.

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