Note to Self…

“Note to self…tell the people you know about
Occasionally even my feeble mind comes up with an idea that is worth capturing. More often than not, this occurs as I am behind the wheel of my car, with no pen, no computer, and no ability to do anything but repeat the idea to myself over and over again in hopes of burning it into my mind long enough to get somewhere and write it down. I have tried the old tactic of leaving myself a voice mail message to capture the idea, but the problem is then the idea sits fallow until I get back to check the voice mail. Typically by the time I get to it, the moment has passed and the once brilliant idea is stale. Sound familiar? Well, thanks to a tip from Seth Godin, I recently discovered a new service that may remedy this problem. The site is What they offer is the ability to call in a message and have it transcribed and sent back to you in the form of an email reminder. You can even send email to other people by entering them into your contacts on Jott. I am sticking with reminding my self for the time being. Having these messages sent into email means that not only will the idea be captured, but that I will also get a searchable, portable, sharable, and editable filing cabinet for ideas. I just added Jott to the speed dial today too, right next to Google 411. Did I mention, both are FREE! – Mobile Note Taking and Hands-Free Messaging

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