Look Ma, I’m in the Paper!

I made it into the Dayton Daily today.  No, I am not in the arrest or conviction section.   I was quoted by reporter Kristin McAllister in her story about Ohio EPA director Chris Korleski.  We were both in attendance at his speech to the Dayton Chamber of Commerce yesterday, and I happened to be seated next to her.  Following his speech she asked for my feedback, and I was happy to chat with her.  Sure my quote is nothing earth shattering, but I am one of those dorky people who still thinks it is cool to see your name in print.   CHECK OUT PAGE A8!

My blurb in the story was:

David Bowman is a 33 year-old account executive with Hafenbrack Marketing and Communications Inc. in Dayton. His livelihood, he said, depends on the regions economic development.

“I appreciated his collaborative approach,” Bowman said. “It seeks to strike a balance between the two — creating a place where people want to move to, as well as businesses.”

Chris Korleski did give a very good speech yesterday.  He has a background working on both the governmental and business sides of the fence, and he seemed to be genuine in his proposal of a collaborative approach between the EPA and Ohio businesses.  A healthy environment and a healthy business community are not mutually exclusive goals, and he seems to appreciate that notion.  I was glad I attended the event – and not just because I got my name in the paper.

New Ohio EPA director wants to merge development with compliance

1 Response to “Look Ma, I’m in the Paper!”

  1. 1 David Esrati April 6, 2007 at 11:30 am

    congrats Dave! I saw that this am and smiled.
    Nice plug for the new company too-
    too bad they don’t get the web 2.0 thing yet.

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