Sherrod Brown Did Not Let Dayton Down at the Crowne

This morning, I had the pleasure of attending the Dayton Chamber of Commerce Legislative Affairs Breakfast at the Crowne Plaza, where I was fortunate enough to hear Senator Sherrod Brown address a crowd of several hundred professionals and government officials from across the Miami Valley. Senator Brown was very complimentary of the Dayton business community – citing us as by far the most aggressive, active professional community in the state. He spent some time outlining his political views and his goals for the next 6 years and then fielded a slew of questions from the audience. His responses were far more candid than canned, which was refreshing. Surprisingly for this day and age, he did his best to actually answer our questions as opposed to spinning them into a scripted political pitch. I even got to ask him about the rising cost of higher education, and his plans for making it more affordable. He responded with a joke about the fact that I was very well dressed for a college student, to which I retorted “student loans.” He laughed and then went on to talk more about his plans to create more affordable means for higher education. Unfortunately, I had to duck out of the event early for a meeting, and I did not get to hear the end of his session. Still, it was a great event, and I would like to extend my personal thanks to the Senator for taking the time to come to Dayton this morning.

Brown says BRAC funding to come through – Dayton Business Journal:

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