A Worthwhile Excursion on WYSO

As an Account Executive for Hafenbrack Marketing, I spend a good deal of my time traversing the Miami Valley in my automobile. I often fill that windshield time with the sweet sounds of Excursions on 91.3 WYSO. Their web site describes the show better than I can so allow me to paste the following content from http://www.wyso.org/excursion.html

There is so much amazing music being made these days. You won’t hear it on most radio stations in the Miami Valley. Here at WYSO we have the freedom and the desire to share this incredible music with our listeners. Niki Dakota spends six hours every weekday crafting a melange of sounds ranging across the musical spectrum. Blues. jazz, folk, salsa – one never knows what musical treat will come next.

This show is proof that radio is not dead, at least not in Yellow Springs. If you live in Dayton, or are just passing through, give it a listen. Excursions, and and all of the other programs offered on WYSO are a unique treasure of the Gem City.

Excursions – Weekdays 10-1 p.m. on Member-Supported 91.3 WYSO, Public Radio for the Miami Valley

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