The KR 500

Kenton RidgeKenton Ridge High School has always been a hotbed of baseball talent.  The small school just north of Springfield, Ohio has turned out 3 major league starting pitchers over the past 2 decades – Dave Burba, Dustin Hermanson, and Rick White – and is always a contender to win their league.   One constant over the years at KR has been the presence of head coach, Tom Randall, whom I have known since I was a child.  I was proud and happy to learn that perhaps as soon as today, Tom will chalk up his 500th win as head coach of the Cougars.  I would like to extend my congratulations to Tom, and the KR Baseball Cougars past and present in reaching this milestone.  While I never played ball for Tom, opting instead to play what he jokingly described as the communist sport of soccer, I always held a deep respect for the passion with which he approached and coached baseball.  Good luck in getting win 500 Boo-Boo.  If you play for Tom or currently attend KR, I would not advise you to call him that.  In fact, I still half expect to get a detention for it.  Congrats Tom… uh I mean Coach Randall.

Randall gets 499 in season opener

1 Response to “The KR 500”

  1. 1 david bowman March 28, 2007 at 10:43 am

    He got it. Win number 500 for Tom came last night, as hoped. Congratulations Coach.

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