Our Place is a Cool Space

Bill Pote is the organizer of a great local site called Dayton Most Metro. The site is full of Dayton related content, with sections devoted to local entertainment, businesses, real estate, news, and more. I recently discovered it and promptly placed a link to it on my Squidoo lens, Dayton Marketing Community. Well lo and behold, today Hafenbrack Marketing turned up on Bill’s site. Bill maintains a weblog as part of the Dayton Most Metro site, and wrote a post about “Cool Spaces” in Dayton. The post discussed a project in Pittsburgh that helps businesses find cool places in the city to call home. Well, Bill was kind enough to use us as an example of a “Cool Space” in Dayton, and I would like to thank him for the link love. We are certainly delighted with the decision to move to the Kuhn’s Building in Downtown Dayton. It is a beautiful place, rich in history and full of unique features. If you ever want to come check it out, let us know. We always love to show people our digs, and we are proud to be downtown. Thanks for the kind words. Check out Bill’s site at http://www.Dayton.MostMetro.com

Check us out at www.Hafenbrack.com or to see some pics of the place just go here. The pictures are from just after our move, so we have done a great deal more decorating since then, including putting all the moving boxes away. Enjoy!

Dayton MostMetro.com – Dayton Topics

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