“Hey, don’t you write a blog called Voice?”

This is a story of one of the strangest, and most enjoyable, things to happen to me in quite some time – and it happened today. This morning I had the delight of hearing Rashad Young address the Dayton Chamber. The event was literally standing room only, as the room was filled with local business leaders, reporters, government officials, and various business professionals.

Mr. Young delivered a great speech. He outlined his plans for the future economic development of the City of Dayton, and exhibited a warmth and enthusiasm that resonated throughout the crowd. I am proud to be nearing completion of the same MBA program at UD, that helped to shape his intellectual vision. He has certainly done those of us trying to follow in his footsteps a great service. Following the meeting, I got to speak with him briefly – again I was very impressed. He was as personable and approachable in a 1 on 1 conversation as he was captivating in addressing the crowd at large. It was a pleasure.

Still all this is just the into to the real story I want to tell you about. Here goes:

So I was leaving the meeting, standing by myself outside the elevators at the Kettering Tower, when who should come up but none other than Mayor Rhine McLin, accompanied by Commissioner Nan Whaley. We all stepped onto the elevator and headed down from the 29th floor. As we were riding down, the Mayor introduced herself to me, as did Commissioner Whaley. They were both extremely friendly, and invited me to come to Riverscape for an upcoming Kayaking event. As we exited the elevator, I introduced myself to the Mayor, and thanked her for attending the Hafenbrack Marketing open house. She said how much she loved the place, and how much she appreciated the invite. All nice stuff, but it gets better – I promise.

So, as I tell the mayor my name, commissioner Whaley spoke up and said “Hey, don’t you write a blog?” “It’s called Voice, right?” I replied with a perplexed “uuuh, yeah,” trying to remember if I had somehow written something that might have offended her, which fortunately I had not. She responded to my dumbfounded response with an exuberant “I love your site, and read it every chance I get.” I thanked her, exchanged business cards, and we soon went our separate ways. Still, to say that I was stunned would be a huge understatement. I had to take a second to believe what had just happened. A complete stranger to me, who happens to be a city commissioner, recognized me from my blog. A blog that does not even prominently feature my name or picture, and rarely discusses politics. “What?” I must admit that it made my morning. It is little things like this that happen because of the web, and little things like this that remind me why I even have a blog.

I would like to thank Rashad Young for his message of hope, Mayor McLin for her politeness and kindness, and especially commissioner Nan Whaley for reading my blog, recognizing me, and caring enough to encourage me to keep on writing. Your voices inspire mine.

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