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Cowbell in the air?

In addition to working diligently to maximize revenue for my employer, I was talking with one of my coworkers yesterday about Cowbell.  Specifically MORE COWBELL.  We were laughing out loud about the April 2000 SNL skit about Blue Oyster Cult featuring Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken.  I can not believe that skit is 7 years old now.  Coincidentally,  another friend, whom I have not heard from in quite some time, sent me a link last night to Google Video featuring – you guessed it – more cowbell.  If you have never seen this video, check it out.  If you have seen it, check it out again.  Hilarious.   The best part is about 3/4 of the way through where everyone except Ferrell and Walken lose it, and try not to bust out in complete laughter.  “I’ve got a fever, and the only remedy is more cowbell.”  Something must have been in the Ohio air yesterday that screamed cowbell.  Actually, it probably was cowbells.   Thanks for the link D.

SNL – More Cowbell! – Google Video


20 Something Sales Rep

A good friend of mine who shall be identified only as K Lew, recently started a blog called 20 Something Sales Rep. He is still feeling out the blogosphere, aren’t we all, but already his post are great. He has a candid take on the world that is honest, educated, and humorous all that the same time. If you are looking for an interesting point of view, I suggest checking out his site. I have placed a permanent link to it in the blogroll. Nice work K Lew. Keep posting.

As for the post below, check out his take on the newly branded Jeff Schmidt Cadillac. My question is are they going to use that guy that yells at you to “Get in here” to sell Cadillacs? (Dayton thing) Should be interesting. Great take K.

20 Something Sales Rep: Jeff Schmidt Cadillac

The KR 500

Kenton RidgeKenton Ridge High School has always been a hotbed of baseball talent.  The small school just north of Springfield, Ohio has turned out 3 major league starting pitchers over the past 2 decades – Dave Burba, Dustin Hermanson, and Rick White – and is always a contender to win their league.   One constant over the years at KR has been the presence of head coach, Tom Randall, whom I have known since I was a child.  I was proud and happy to learn that perhaps as soon as today, Tom will chalk up his 500th win as head coach of the Cougars.  I would like to extend my congratulations to Tom, and the KR Baseball Cougars past and present in reaching this milestone.  While I never played ball for Tom, opting instead to play what he jokingly described as the communist sport of soccer, I always held a deep respect for the passion with which he approached and coached baseball.  Good luck in getting win 500 Boo-Boo.  If you play for Tom or currently attend KR, I would not advise you to call him that.  In fact, I still half expect to get a detention for it.  Congrats Tom… uh I mean Coach Randall.

Randall gets 499 in season opener

Tribal Knowledge Coming to Dayton

John Moore, author of Tribal Knowledge, and owner of the wonderful blog Brand Autopsy is coming to Dayton, Ohio to speak to the American Marketing Association on April 11th, 2007. If you are in marketing, think you might like to be in marketing, want to learn about marketing, or wonder how your business should approach marketing, you should attend. This guy has an amazing history and a refreshing point of view. He has worked for Starbucks and Whole Foods, and is a huge proponent of Word of Mouth Marketing. By Word of Mouth Marketing I mean genuine, organic word of mouth delivered to the world by customer evangelists. It is the best 25 or 35 bucks you will spend this year – and you’ll even get a rubbery chicken lunch at the Schuster. I kid because I love – the food there is actually pretty good. I will continue to post more details on it as the event approached, but registration is open. I hope to see you there.

Brand Autopsy | Backgrounder, Services, Presentations, Blog

Our Place is a Cool Space

Bill Pote is the organizer of a great local site called Dayton Most Metro. The site is full of Dayton related content, with sections devoted to local entertainment, businesses, real estate, news, and more. I recently discovered it and promptly placed a link to it on my Squidoo lens, Dayton Marketing Community. Well lo and behold, today Hafenbrack Marketing turned up on Bill’s site. Bill maintains a weblog as part of the Dayton Most Metro site, and wrote a post about “Cool Spaces” in Dayton. The post discussed a project in Pittsburgh that helps businesses find cool places in the city to call home. Well, Bill was kind enough to use us as an example of a “Cool Space” in Dayton, and I would like to thank him for the link love. We are certainly delighted with the decision to move to the Kuhn’s Building in Downtown Dayton. It is a beautiful place, rich in history and full of unique features. If you ever want to come check it out, let us know. We always love to show people our digs, and we are proud to be downtown. Thanks for the kind words. Check out Bill’s site at

Check us out at or to see some pics of the place just go here. The pictures are from just after our move, so we have done a great deal more decorating since then, including putting all the moving boxes away. Enjoy!

Dayton – Dayton Topics

Why Dayton Marketing Community on Squidoo?

In addition to maintaining this site, voice, I also maintain a site on called Dayton Marketing Community. The site is designed to serve as a resource for Marketing Professionals in the Dayton, Ohio area. It has job postings that are updated every 1/2 hour, a calendar of events featuring the latest happenings around town, local business news from the Dayton Business Journal and the Dayton Daily News, and a variety of links to other employment, networking, and professional sites. The site is very easy to find. Simply type the words “Dayton Marketing” into Google and there I am – or at least there I should be. Pretty cool eh?

When I tell people about the site I often get the question “Why did you put it together?”

Well, there are several reasons behind the creation of Dayton Marketing Community, many of which I will share with you in this post.

First, as someone who has been forced to look for employment a few times in the last few years, I know how hard it can be to simply find job postings. When I was looking, I found myself saying “I wish there was one site I could go to and find everything that is out there.” So, when Squidoo came along, I thought to myself, here is a way to make that happen. Certainly I don’t claim to have everything that is posted out there, but I can promise you a great place to start. With links to sites like,,, as well as the usual suspects, the site serves as a good home base for finding employment.

Next, as I was interviewing and searching I began to better understand the power of networking. I found myself searching high and low for professional events where I could build my network, but discovered that it was really difficult to find much of what was happening around town. Thus the Dayton Marketing Community Calendar made it possible for me to aggregate events like local chamber functions, AMA, Ad Club, PRSA, IABC, and the litany of other groups that meet into one simple place. Now when I plan my week, I look at my appointments, find holes in my calendar, and fill them with networking events by simply checking the calendar. Just that easy.

The next benefit I discovered is directly related to the last one. Something else I learned was that the more new people that attend the events I attend, the more value for me to attend the event. I am going there to meet people and build my network, so by making it easy to find out what is going on in town, not only is it easier for me to attend, it is easier for others to do the same. I would not be so bold as to say that my calendar is the focal point of people seeking out events around town, but it is a start. I have referred several local professionals to the site, and occasionally someone will contact me with a note of thanks – a new connection.

Finally, at least for this post, the site has helped me to become more connected with the community in which I live. By knowing more about what is happening, I am better equipped to contribute professionally and personally to my community. The site has let me know who is hiring, who is making news, what group is involved in what cause and how effectively they operate.

Should you be someone in the field of marketing, living in or around Dayton, Ohio, I hope you will give the site a look. As always constructive feedback is welcomed.

Dayton Marketing Community on Squidoo

Google Bus Stop – Themes

Google Themes - LifehackerWhile scrolling through Lifehacker today, I came across this post about a fun new addition to the Personalized Google Homepage – Themes.    Google is now offering 6 customized themes that you can apply to dress up your version of Google.  While they are not earth shattering designs, they are a fun way to liven up your Google experience.  I chose to use a theme with a scene from a bus stop.  The background will automatically update itself to match the weather in your zip code, which I thought was an interesting touch.  For those of you who like the Personalized Google Homepage, this is worth a look.

As I scrolled further down through Lifehacker, I discovered something else cool for the Google Home Page.  A live television gadget.  While this will certainly not improve my productivity, it is really cool.  There are a wide range of channels that you can choose from and view right there on your desktop.   Perfect for when “something is happening” and you have an immediate need to get the latest from your old friend television.   Use with caution.

Thanks to Lifehacker for the tips.

Customize your Google homepage with themes – Lifehacker