Making the Move to Downtown Dayton!

HThe last week has been crazy – good crazy. My employer, Hafenbrack Marketing, has moved from Miamisburg, Ohio about 20 miles north to the heart of downtown Dayton, Ohio. While it has been a wild couple of days, it has been a great experience. I actually live quite a bit closer to the old office, and the move has extended my commute to the office considerably. Still, the excitement of being downtown is totally worth the drive. There is an energy that exists in the city. It is palpable and invigorating, as there is always something happening downtown. Being in sales, I spend a lot of my time out of the office – visiting other people in their offices. Having a place to call home base that is centrally located, full of life, and so completely amazing is great.

Where is that place? Hafenbrack has moved to the Kuhns Building which is located at the corner of Fourth and Main Street. The building was originally constructed in the late 1800’s, and the architecture is amazing. It is has an indescribable character that is not found in most modern buildings. While the interior has been updated, it still maintains its unique and wonderful feeling. It will be a great place to host client meetings, as the environment is rich with charm. While we are still knee deep in moving boxes, it already feels like home. I have never had the privilege of working in such a great space. It feels wonderful. (This job just keeps getting better!)

If you are looking for creative ways to grow your business (or would just like to check out our new digs) give me (David Bowman) a call at (937) 424-8950 and we can set a time to get together. It would be my pleasure to meet with you, listen to your needs, and work with you to develop and execute a plan for successfully achieving your marketing goals. I’ll even spring for the coffee. 937 424-8950

Kuhns Building

Want to check out a quick amateur slide-show of the new place? Click the link below.

Picasa Web Albums – David – HAFENBRACK – Family

1 Response to “Making the Move to Downtown Dayton!”

  1. 1 Bill Pote March 22, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    Hi David,

    I just happened upon your site which I didn’t know about. As a Downtown Dayton resident, I welcome you and the rest of Hafenbrack to the neighborhood (albeit a little late 😉 ). I’d love to feature your space on our site some time – it looks stunning from the photos!

    Keep in touch!
    -Bill Pote

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