The Shoes Do Say Something About The Man

StarburyLast week my friend and co-worker D Wade stopped by the cube to tell me all about Steve and Barry’s. He was excited because Steve and Barry’s is an athletic apparel retail chain with a remarkable story, one that is easily retold and meaningful – one which he wanted to tell me. The company grabbed his attention by developing a basketball shoe with NBA star Stephon Marbury that will retail at $14.98 and will only be available in Steve and Barry’s stores across the country. The impetus behind this “Starbury” movement is, in the words of Stephon Marbury, “not about taking from the rich,” but rather “about looking out for those who aren’t.” Steve and Barry’s, by creating this shoe, started a conversation between 2 over 30 white guys, living the dream in cubical land, about Basketball shoes. How? By looking at the marketplace, identifying a problem, and developing a unique solution. I have a great deal of respect for Stephon Marbury and his involvement in this project. Perhaps the shoes do say something about the man. “Maximum Shine for Minimum Expense.” A great concept and a great story that begs to be shared.

Welcome to Steve & Barry’s

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