Google Adds Tabs To Personalized Homepage

googleI love the personalized Google Homepage. It allows you to add content to the familiar stark white Google home page. I use it to see the weather, view my calendar, and preview incoming Gmail messages. The personalized homepage has many other great modules. However the problem I have faced is that by adding modules, the page just gets too busy. One reason Google is great is that it is such a clean site. So up until today I had to constantly resist the temptation to add Magic 8 Ball, Pac-Man, Dilbert, CNN, The Economist, Seth Godin, a timer, WMUB, WYSO, and other interesting modules to my personalized Google page. I chose to avoid the clutter and kept my Google pretty clean, but I was missing out on all that cool content. Today, my problem has been solved. Google has added tabs to the Personalized Homepage. “So What?” you say. “Why is that cool?” you wonder. Well, now I can load up all my favorite modules into individual pages, keeping my Google homepage clean, while still giving me access to all the fun toys I love. Now I can create multiple tabbed pages for National News, Local News, Blog Feeds, Games, Gadgets, Music, and more. This addition changes Google from a page, into a truly customized site containing all the content I seek and organized in any format I choose. I just discovered this today, and I am not sure if this has been around for a while or not. Have you seen this? What is your impression? How will you use this functionality? Thanks Google for making the things I like even better.

1 Response to “Google Adds Tabs To Personalized Homepage”

  1. 1 Sovereign John October 12, 2006 at 4:28 pm

    With the Government demanding that Google and other search engines give them your information is creating a webpage with your personal information on it rather risky?

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