Moore Knowledge: The Tribe Speaks!

Brand AutopsyOne of my favorite sites on the web is John Moore's blog, Brand Autopsy. On his site, John provides regular doses of real and relevant marketing advice. Much of the information he is kind enough to share he gleaned from his days of working at Starbucks and at Whole Foods – two companies you might be familiar with. He is a huge believer in generating organic word of mouth and espouses the power of the positive customer experience. John has recently completed work on his upcoming book Tribal Knowledge, which will be released this fall. The book will provide an inside look at the theories and practices that helped to created two of America's most successful young companies, and should be valuable to anyone looking to grow a business by creating a unique and remarkable experience for the customer. In support of his book, John will be touring North America. I am going to do my best to bring him to Dayton, as I would love to meet him and think his message would be well received in a city in need of inspiration. If you are interested in bringing John to Ohio, or anywhere for that matter, please see the link below.

Brand Autopsy: TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE North American Tour

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