55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

55 ways to have fun with googleIt's Friday afternoon and you are staring aimlessly out of the window praying for the weekend to come. Face it, you are not working. Want something fun to do, that will not get you in trouble by those in charge of monitoring your web traffic? (company big brother) Try 55 Ways to have fun with Google. This free e-book has a wide range of suggestions for entertaining yourself with your favorite search engine site. You can search for endings to proverbs, create wish-lists, find information about you, dig a hole to China and more. Is this a productive use of your time? Absolutely not, but it is fun. Having fun makes you feel better, which makes you a more enjoyable person to be around. So, in the long run it is doing yourself and everyone else a favor. Check out the free e-book today.

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

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