Score a Backstage Pass at Pandora!

PandoraJust days ago I was telling you to check out, what I consider to be one of the treasures of the Internet. The amazing music site has since updated its interface, making it even more fun use. First, Pandora made it easier to give songs the thumb up or down, the feature that helps you shape your personal radio stations. Now this feature is part of the main page. They also changed the way in which favorites operates. It is now under the category of bookmarks. More importantly you can now bookmark both songs and artists, thereby creating your own personal reference library. Why would you want this? Well, if you are anything like me, you find it damn near impossible to remember the names of new bands, songs, or albums you like when you need to. (IE, "What do you want for your birthday?") This feature creates of record of what you enjoy, possibly why you enjoy it, and eliminates the need to remember it all. This new feature is part of Pandora Backstage, an enhanced section of the site. In addition to bookmarking, the Pandora Backstage site also offers the ability to easily find songs with similar characteristics to the songs you tell Pandora you enjoy. By clicking on backstage song button you get a listing of the characteristics associated with that particular song, and a listing of other songs with the same characteristics. The results can be eerily insightful. For example, I gave the thumbs up to a Nirvana song, "All Apologies," and then clicked on the bookmark song button. In the songs with similar qualities was a song by the lesser known band Jawbreaker, one of my old favorites, and a song by Arctic Monkeys, a band my nephew recently recommended to me. I was impressed to say the least. Not only will it point you to these artists, better still you can listen to samples of the songs and artists that are listed, allowing you to further customize your user experience. Want to learn more about a performer? Pandora Backstage has that covered too. You can obtain great information about artists by clicking on the artist button or using the great new search section. Both will lead you to insightful information, links to influences and similar performers, and a discography for the artist. The once remarkable Pandora, is now even more remarkable. So much good stuff you have to check it out for yourself.

Pandora: Welcome Backstage

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