The People of Pandora

Dear Pandora,

Are you hiring? 

Check out this post from the Pandora web site.   It discusses the people behind the Pandora "Music Genome Project."  The team of employees is responsible for listening to the songs that are played on Pandora and then classifying them based on their individual characteristics.  They dissect music for a living.  What a cool job!  Well, I must say that they are doing great work.  Pandora continues to be one of my favorite and most frequently visited sites.  Try Pandora for yourself.  It is easy.  Simply go to and create a station.  All they will ask you for a user name and an email address to get started.  Once you have an account, choose your favorite band or song and enter it into your station.  Pandora will begin playing music for you, and that is where the fun begins.  By picking a thumbs up or thumbs down, Pandora will learn what you like about music.  The more feedback you give, the better it gets.  Soon you will hear songs you forgot you loved, songs you never heard of but love, and the occasional clunker to which you give the thumbs down.  It is both amazing and entertaining.  Best of all it is free!

The Ears Behind Pandora

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