Is There A Reason I Should I Hate Australian Beef?

I was watching the NBA finals last night, (no, I don't know why) when I noticed a commercial for A&W Restaurants.  The crux of the commercial was that they were the patriotic choice for fast food because they use 100% American Beef.  According to the commercial some of their competitors allegedly use Australian beef.  They mentioned Burger King as the chief perpetrator of this atrocity in the ad.  Honestly, I thought the ad was for Burger King until it was almost over.  They even had that freaky King with the giant head sitting in the bed of a pick up truck.  Anyway, I started thinking to myself, does the country of origin play a part in anyone's fast food decision?  Does this message resonate with anyone?  It sure doesn't with me.  It is not as if Australia is Nazi Germany.  Last time I checked, the Aussies were on the shrinking list of countries that do still like us.  Outback seems to have no problem filling the seats.  Now, if Australia had an outbreak of Bird Flu, Mad Cow, or some other exotic animal illness, I might be concerned.  Or say my double cheeseburger combo with mustard was actually going to produce Mustard Gas, that again would be an issue.  Maybe even if Australia was stealing all of our jobs this would make sense, but they aren't.  We like them.  They have cool accents, drink, surf, and chase reptiles.  We are cool with Australia.  Bottom line.  If you want me to try your burger, A&W, go back to the drawing board, or simply spend your money on making great burgers and not stupid ads.  By the way, are the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, potatoes, and other menu items 100% American as well. 

On an aside, did anyone see the vignette on the referee that was once an undercover agent.  He helped to bring down 2 major crime families back in the 70's, and they were telling his story during half time.  His story was compelling but is sharing something like that a good idea.  Seems like you might want to keep something like that to yourself, or at least limit telling that to your friends and family.  I would not want to be standing next to that guy at a Nets game.  Furthermore, do you think that a vignette about a referee signifies that it is time to retire the mini features that innundate us during every sporting event.  I never thought I would say this but "bring back the half time show." 

1 Response to “Is There A Reason I Should I Hate Australian Beef?”

  1. 1 mark stokes September 15, 2006 at 12:02 am

    Yes us Ausies do also love Americans and our country is not trying to steal jobs etc, but our meat is the fantastic and because we are an island , our meat is also well quaranteened. we pride ourselves on our prime beef just the same as Texans do, and we respect that
    its great to see aussie beef is enjoyed in your country as we enjoy many of your great products
    i think burger king is just jealous !!
    we share the same thing americans do and thats why we are great friends


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