He Likes It, He Really Likes It

Doug DockeryMy friend Doug Dockery made my day. Doug started a blog a few weeks ago, and in a recent post he said that I was one of the people who helped to introduce him to blogging. I inspired him, which feels pretty damn good. Three weeks into it, Doug is now officially hooked on blogging, and his site continues to get better. Doug had a recent encounter with one of his heroes, Guy Kawasaki, that solidified the value of the weblog for him. It is all about connections.

Doug has always been an "Apple Guy." Being an "Apple Guy," he has always admired Guy Kawasaki. Guy's work as an evangelist for Apple and as an author has inspired millions, chief among those millions is Doug. Well, Doug had a recent encounter with his hero thanks in part to his blog. He got to share a brief conversation with his hero, and Guy agreed to put a link on his blog to Doug's site. This is the power of the web. Everyone connected to everyone.

Much like Doug, I feel like writing somehow shrinks my world while simultaneously expanding its possibilities. Like Doug, I have "met" so many great people as a result of simply speaking my mind. For example, last summer I was at a meeting of the Dayton Ad Club where the topic was getting the most out of the media. The person next to me asked the panel about RSS and blogs as a source of news, and they just stared at him dumbfounded. He pressed further saying "there is a guy here locally who blogs about marketing events and local businesses, do you follow sites like that?" Again they sidestepped his question, and the meeting moved on. I was now curious to meet this guy and find out more about the site he was talking about. After the meeting, I approached him, introduced myself, and asked him "what site are you talking about?" It turns out he was talking about my old site, which completely blew my mind. We continued to talk and discovered that we shared a great deal in common. That guy, David Esrati, is one of the brightest people I know. He is someone I consider to be a trusted friend and respected colleague – a connection I never would have made without blogging.

Another example was when I posted a Thank You to author Seth Godin for being such an inspiration to me. (If you have not read Seth's blog or his books, you are missing out on some great insights into the world.) The post was simple, it would not be a candidate for the Pulitzer Prize, but was sincere in expressing my appreciation for Seth's work. When I hit publish, I never thought that Seth might actually read the post. I just figured that perhaps I could turn a few people on to his work. Imagine my surprise when I checked my email a few minutes later to discover a personal thank you from Seth to me. I was blown away. The guy is a respected entrepreneur, a best selling author, and a highly sought after motivational speaker, yet he managed to email me, a complete stranger, about a blog post I wrote within 10 minutes of its creation. Connectivity!

For Doug to say that I somehow inspired him, or at least informed him about blogging, is another highlight. The guy is a sharp as nails, opinionated as hell, and not afraid of anything or anyone. He is exactly the type of person who will be great at blogging. While Doug and I often differ in opinion, we always maintain a deep respect for each other. I am looking forward to hearing his voice on the world in which we live. Keep the posts coming Doug, and thank you for making my Monday morning great!

I Wondered Why Everyone Liked This So Much… at doug’s blog

1 Response to “He Likes It, He Really Likes It”

  1. 1 David Esrati June 5, 2006 at 10:21 am

    Hi David-
    Thanks for the props-
    It’s been great knowing you too-
    I’ve made some great connections via blogs too- Sally Hogshead who is one of the greatest copywriters ever- and I correspond- and same for Ernie Schenck. I’ve been teaching people about blogging in my http://www.blogosopher.com seminar for about 6 months- and we’ve been getting more and more people online- with sites that work.
    Thanks for pointing me to Doug’s blog too- I’m a Guy Kawasaki fan from way back.

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