Beware “Marketing Potholes”

Look Out! Are you in danger of falling into a "marketing pothole?" Check out Seth Godin's recent posts on avoiding these all too common obstacles to success. Seth's blog is always a great read, but these posts are exceptional. Personally I like the third post. I occasionally find myself falling into the trap of "what will they think?" – second guessing my creativity when I should be embracing it. I am working on developing the discipline of moving forward in life with greater purpose, focus, and determination – aligning my actions with my thoughts, goals and priorities. It is a constant challenge, but worth the fight. I regularly experience my share of failure, giving in to the fear of judgement, but I am striving to recognize these pitfalls so as to avoid repeating them. Beware the potholes.

marketing potholesSeth's Blog: Marketing pothole (#1 of 3):I'll Know It When I See It

Seth's Blog: Marketing pothole (#2 of 3):I'm Too Busy

Seth's Blog: Marketing pothole (#3 of 3): What will the boss think

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