Alien Beats Devil: Rock Paper Scissors 25

Rock Paper Scissors 25What the magic 8 ball is to decision making, Rock, Paper, Scissors is to conflict resolution. Now arrives proof that you can make anything better, or at least more entertaining, with Rock, Paper Scissors 25 -an updated version of the classic hand gesture game. The new version includes man, woman, air, cockroach, fire, the devil, alien, and 18 more great choices. It will take you a little practice to figure out how to contort your hands into these characters and a little time to decipher if you beat your opponent. Still this game is sure to deliver some laughs. Check out the chart of potential outcomes. Hilarious. Now I just have to figure out how to convince someone else to play me at this. Thanks to BoingBoing for the tip on this one.
RPS – 25

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