The Next Wave goes Geurrilla

The Next WaveMy friend David Esrati owns the best advertising agency in Dayton, The Next Wave. On his site, he publishes a listing of all of his competitors, and if you do a Google search on most of them, you will wind up at The Next Wave first. Why? Because David, unlike most of his competition, understands the web. He knows how to maximize a site so that it is visible to people who search for it, without having to pay for performance. He uses his skill to help his clients built sites that are not only appealing, but also effective. David runs a great seminar, blogosopher, that explains his philosophy on maximizing your web site's performance. I attended it back in February, and I learned a great deal. I highly recommend attending it .

Well, David went all "guerrilla marketing" at yesterday's Dayton Ad Club meeting, where he handed out flyers "offering to teach [his] competition how to build a site that will get their customers to find them- instead of [The Next Wave]" I was not there to witness it in person, but I laughed out loud when I heard about it. Read all about it on his site. His idea was brilliant not to mention hilarious. If you are interested in generating more web traffic for your business, fire your agency, contact David, and reap the rewards.

The Next Wave

1 Response to “The Next Wave goes Geurrilla”

  1. 1 swartzonmedia June 1, 2006 at 9:01 am

    Hey Dave, thanks for writing a post about blogosopher and the Next Wave. My first big project it advertising blogosopher and having another person post about it is awesome. Thanks again.
    PS: I took a page out of Esrati’s book and brought the surf board to court house square to pass out fliers during lunch hours.

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