Something to think about…

Whatever you think, Think the oppositeLooking for something to spark your creativity; something to give you a little inspiration? Try reading Paul Arden's newest book "Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite." I was fortunate enough to have won this one from In Bubble Wrap (best site on the web), and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book is short. I am no speed reader, and I managed to get through it in less than an hour. Still, it is loaded with thought provoking paragraphs and vivid imagery. It is very similar in look and feel to Sally Hoghead's "Radical Careering," another of my favorites. The book is one that you can simply flip open to any page and learn from, and I find myself doing exactly that when I am searching for something to get the wheels turning in my head. With a price tag of less than $15.00, this one is a can't miss. What do you think? Do the opposite of keeping it to yourself, and leave a comment. What books get your creative juices flowing?

800 CEO – Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite By Paul Arden

1 Response to “Something to think about…”

  1. 1 Hannah May 25, 2008 at 8:36 pm

    I love this book! Paul Arden was a creative genius, his backward, out of the box way (he probably negated the existence of the BOX in the first place!) of thinking is inspiring me all the way through my advertising degree! He will be sorely missed…..

    R.I.P Paul

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