Noise, Noise, Noise, Who should you listen to?

pleasingeveryone_1.jpgCreating Passionate Users is one of my favorite sites on the web. They regularly use simple pictures and graphics combined with funny captions to make relevant points about business. They typically follow up the fun with a very insightful explanation of the concept. This picture is part of a post about listening in relation to change and the demands of the marketplace. With all of the noise that surrounds us, some will hate what you do, some will love it, and some just won't care.

The post goes through a detailed look at who you should be paying attention to and why, and it is right on the money. Ultimately you need to listen to yourself, but that does not mean drowning out the rest of the world. You can't please everyone, and if you try to you end up with mud. Check out this great post from a great site.

Creating Passionate Users: Don't give in to feature demands!

Love and Hate

1 Response to “Noise, Noise, Noise, Who should you listen to?”

  1. 1 beverley June 11, 2006 at 5:32 pm

    Nice site. Thank to work…

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