Save the Internet: Take Action Today

sti_button.gifYou may not know it, but some members of congress would like to put the Internet up for sale. The issue is Network Neutrality – the idea that on the Internet big and small are equal. It is the First Amendment applied to web.  Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and Time Warner are shelling out a lot of money to end network neutrality, which would then give them control over the content of the Internet. How could they control the Internet? Very simply by controlling content based on who pays for bandwidth. Big companies could pay for better results, crowding out small businesses and entrepreneurs. This issue is currently being debated in congress, and unless people take action, the Internet as we know it could cease to exist. Why would congress pass this legislation? Follow the money. Big companies paying big bucks to pass bad laws. There are opponents to this issue on both sides of the congressional isle, but the legislation to end network neutrality continues to move forward. Want to learn more? Want to take action? Start here. has an extensive explanation of this issue, and has an interface set up that allows you to send an email to your state Senators and your House Representative by filling out a simple form. Take 2 minutes to read about this issue and learn more about Network Neutrality. Then send an email to your elected officials asking them to keep the Internet as a forum for free speech! Voice your opinions on free speech, network neutrality, and entrepreneurship by leaving a comment.

Save the Internet :

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