Make Mom’s Gift with Cafe Press

What to get mom for mother's day? A question for the ages. After all, how many Yankee Candles does one woman need? You want to get her something special to show her how much you love her, but what in the world could it be? Well, I may have a tip to put you in good graces with your mom this year. Check out a site called Cafepress. This site allows you to create customized gifts from your digital pictures. So, upload a special snapshot onto a coffee mug and fill that bad boy with chocolate. Or print up a World's Greatest Mom shirt with her photo on it. There are countless options, but the real point is you can make junk that she will actually like. Want to make a shirt that says you are her favorite child? No problem. How about a mouse-pad with instructions for checking e-mail printed on it and with your cell phone number so she can just call when she tries to open that attachment? No problem. No, she does not need another coffee mug, but she will definitely love the thought you put into creating a one of a kind gift for her. As mom always says "It is the thought that counts." : Create & Buy Custom Photo Gifts

1 Response to “Make Mom’s Gift with Cafe Press”

  1. 1 Dusty May 3, 2007 at 2:53 am

    Great blog David. I’d just like to add, if I may, that there are also lots of Shopkeepers at Cafepress who are willing to do customisation and individual designs for those who maybe are not so creative if they still wish something unique for Mom 🙂

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