When you’re hot, you’re hot! IBW Win #4

HypomaniacFor the second time in a week I am a winner on the best site on the Internet, Inbubblewrap.com. That makes me a four time winner just for answering a few questions every day. Here is how it worked. I got an email yesterday from IBW- which I get every day at 10:00. I clicked on the link provided in the message, logged into inbubblewrap.com, answered 2 funny questions, and then got a follow up e-mail today telling me I won. It took me all of 30 seconds to enter, and now I am getting a free copy of the book The Hypomaniac Edge: The link between a little craziness and a lot of success in America, by John D. Gartner. This book sounds perfect for me, as I have been accused more than once of being a little on the crazy side. Perhaps I can now learn to refine my insanity into unimaginable success. Thanks to 800CEOREAD.com and the IBW crew for hooking me up with another great book. If you have not been to Inbubblewrap.com check it out today. You could be reading Your free book tomorrow.


1 Response to “When you’re hot, you’re hot! IBW Win #4”

  1. 1 blogosopher April 6, 2006 at 9:14 pm

    Uh- How come you keep winning?
    I haven’t won a thing yet- and I’ve mentioned them on my blogs too…

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