Yesterday I put together a newsletter composed of recent blog postings from “voice” and sent it to many of my friends. zookoda.gif I wanted to remind people of what I am up to, and to give them a chance to share it with others.  I think that it was pretty well received.  To put it together, I used a software called Zookoda.  I learned about zookoda on Ehub, a great site that features freeware and shareware, earlier this week. Zookoda is a free software application that takes your recent blog posts and formats them into a newsletter.  You can also use it to create completely original emails and then legally and safely distribute them to an audience.  It allows for list uploads, provides reports on your response rates, and even has a new subscriber feature built into it.  The software ensures that you are legally compliant with Spam laws, is very easy to use, and creates nice, simple newsletters.  I am also using it to promote the Dayton AMA blog.  If you are part of a group where you need to send out an e-newsletter, perhaps for your church, sports team, or small business, give Zookoda a try.  Voice your opinion of Zookoda,my newsletter, or the blog in general by leaving a comment below.

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