Hire Me! a new page on the voice site

Thanks to WordPress and other platforms like it, the David E. Bowmanline between dynamic blog site and static web site is disappearing.  One of the great things about WordPress, the content management software that I use to create this site, is that it allows you to build dynamic and static web pages very easily.  It is also completely free.  This page is the dynamic page- the blog.  It changes regularly, has posts in reverse chronological order, and is topical in nature.  The static pages are the more traditional pages on the site.  They are updated less frequently, and contain general information.  I have just added another static page in an effort to help my search for a new job.  If you look at the tabs at the top of the screen you will see one that reads “Hire Me”  Check out the page.  Send it to a friend or a colleague.  Point people to it.  The page has some information about me and my search, and it contains links to my site, http://www.davidebowman.com.  I am excited to see what happens.  Please voice your opinion on WordPress, my “Hire Me” page, my site, my job search or anything else by leaving a comment below.

voice » Hire Me!

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