Web Based Slideshows from Thumbstacks.com

Recently I wrote a post about a Google buying web based word processing application Writely. Here is another example of a great web based application. Thumbstacks is a stripped down presentation building software tool. It is very similar to powerpoint, with a whole lot less of the functionality. Why less? Some people would rather just have the meat of the application. The things you really need. I love the fact that it is web based, and makes it possible to put a presentation up on the net pretty quickly and easily. I put a quick presentation together about me, and my search for employment. I wanted to test the software, and thought it would make a good topic. Did I mention that it is 100% Free? Free! Again I am all about the free stuff. Make no mistake this is not a replacement for Powerpoint. It lacks a lot of what you might need to present to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but when is the last time you did that? It is a great presentation tool that will only get better. Check it out and voice your opinion on it here. Check out my 5 slide test presentation by clicking the link below.
David E. Bowman Slideshow

Thanks to Lifehacker for the tip on Thumbstacks!

1 Response to “Web Based Slideshows from Thumbstacks.com”

  1. 1 Jim March 11, 2006 at 2:01 pm

    Another great tip from David! Thanks! This program obviously caught my eye.

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