The power of blogs

During my tenure at Relizon, I lobbied hard for the company to create a blog. I was unsuccessful. I am now no longer there, but that is unrelated. So why am I writing about Relizon? I am not. I am actually writing about blogging. My argument to the company was that blogs are powerful in the age of Google and other search engines that thrive on text based content because they can improve your results in a search. The fact is that great search results can yield great benefits. Here is where I make my point about that. After I left Relizon, I posted a “thank you” to those whom I worked with. Now, I regularly get hits on my site by people searching for Relizon. Why? As of today, If you do a search on Relizon on Google, my site appears as the 7th result. I am just behind 4 sites that are Relizon pages, Hoovers, and Monster, all because blogs are great in search engines. Think about it, one blog post from weeks ago is one of the top results when you search for a billion dollar company. My site was free to produce. The sites just above me cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce basically the same search results. Now consider the power of a blog mentioning your business or any business regularly. Would it matter if when someone searched for you, and they could find you in the top 5 results? (without you having to pay to be there) If you answered yes, start blogging, or hire me to help you start blogging. Marketers take note. Blogs are powerful and relevant. If you were searching for Relizon and got this post, they are now Workflow One, and I am no longer an employee. Perhaps they will have their own blog soon. I wish them the best and thank them for my time there and for all the new visitors I am getting to my site.

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  1. 1 David Esrati March 12, 2006 at 1:27 am

    This is what got me into blogs- and made me start the blogosopher seminars- as you know.
    I had built a great search friendly site for my small ad agency- The Next Wave- and- while we got traffic- it was nothing compared to the results I started seeing once we added a blog. We were averaging 160 unique visitors a month- and in Feb- after 13 months of having a blog- we had over 2000 unique visitors- and Feb only has 28 days- this month- I think I’ll see over 3000 visitors-
    and you know what gets us a ton of hits- a list of our competitors-
    That’s right- most ad agencies build sites for themselves that don’t search or index properly- so I help people comparison shop.
    Maybe the reason Relizon got bought- was because they STILL don’t get this whole Internet thing-
    too bad they don’t sign up for Blogosopher.

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