March Madness on Demand on your PC!

Anyone who has read more than a few posts on voice knows how much I love free stuff. Here is something free that is worth getting excited about. CBS and the NCAA are offering the first rounds of March Madness over the internet for free. All you need to do is register by creating an account and come next Thursday you are all set for the action. While I realize that most of you will be working too hard next Thursday to pay any attention to college basketball, I am posting about this on the off chance that one poor slacker out there might benefit. (regular readers of this site will also recognize sarcasm when they see it) Here is the good news. Now you won’t have to be “sick” next Thursday because you can watch and work at the same time. I will leave the proportion at which you choose to do either up to you. While there is no such thing as streaming budweisernc.jpg and hot wings through the internet, this is a great acheivement. By the way, if I can develop that streaming beer and hot wing thing, I will no longer be needing a job. Until that happens, enjoy the hoops and GO TARHEELS!

March Madness on Demand – NCAA

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