The Plateau

My search for a new job continues. This week was productive but tough, as I have had to fight to get through what I term “The Plateau.” The Plateau is the point in the job search where the initial rush of energy from being free begins to wane, and one must now dig a little deeper for inspiration. It is the time when you have picked all the low hanging fruit (everything posted on the net that you are interested in) and you have to begin to assess your next set of options. It is when you must push onward, stay focused, and maintain your confidence. It is a critical time. This week I have been on “The Plateau.” I have had some great interviews this week, and I continue to move closer to my goal, but I have not received “The Offer” for “The Job” just yet. Thankfully, I am surrounded by family and friends who continue to offer creative suggestions and provide new leadsMastery for me to explore. I recently read a great book called “Mastery” by George Leonard which deals with the concept of “The Plateau.” According to Leonard, we spend more of our lives on the Plateau than in the peaks and valleys. The way to really become a master at something is to embrace this phase – to learn from it and evolve into something or someone better. Leonard’s advice has served me well. The plateau of my career search has led me to explore who I am as a marketer and as a professional. Recently, I have been fortunate enough to have been given some chances to do some independent consulting work that has really helped me to better answer those questions. I had a meeting yesterday with a friend who owns a small business and is in need of marketing assistance. I sat down with him for a few hours, and we created some great strategies for helping him to grow his company. Sitting across the table, sharing my passionate beliefs about marketing was envigorating. Creating makes me feel alive, and it is great to be alive. In terms of the search, this week may indeed represent a plateu, but I am learning to love the plateau. As for next week, I will just keep on moving forward with faith that I will move closer to Mastery, and closer to my goal of finding my next job. Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful. I appreciate it.

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