Newsvine and the power of RSS

If you are an RSS geek like me, than you will love newsvine.  It is a site that featues news from around the world on a variety of topics, allows for tagging, and has a built in RSS feed.  I am subscribed to it, and now get dozens of news items sent directly to my feedreader.  Are you using RSS to view the web?  If not you should be.  Step 1 is download Firefox. Step 2 is install the sage extension or subscribe to a site like bloglines.  Step 3 is to begin choosing what parts of the web you would like delivered to you everyday.  Then sit back and enjoy.  My site has an RSS feed, provided courtesy of wordpress.  RSS will change most of what you know about the web in the coming year.  Get ahead of the curve and start using it today.  Questions about RSS?  I am happy to try to answer them or at the very least point you in the right direction.  Voice your opinion on how RSS has changed the web by leaving a comment below.

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