Buying, Selling, Refinancing? Check out Zillow

For most of you, your home is your largest investment.  Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing a property, it is critical to know the market value of your home. can give you a great starting point for estimating the current value of your home.  The site has an easy to use interface, and while it is slow to load, it provides a very nice report for you at the end of the process.  Use the 5 step “Zestimator” to make adjustments to the information they have on file.  Add that 1/2 bath, finished basement or deck addition to their information, and the value is updated instantly.  More importantly, it will provide you with an extensive list of comparable properties that have sold in the area.  This is going to be your best indicator of actual market value.  You choose the comps, and the Zestimator updates the value of your home based on recent sales.  This a great tool for consumers.  Try it out, and voice your opinion on Zillow by leaving a comment below.  Personally, I am “sold.”
Thanks to Lifehacker for the tip to – Your Edge in Real Estate

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