Why Firefox? How about Grocery List Extension

Once a week I sit down to write up a grocery list, and I tell my wife, ” I need to create some type of spreadsheet or something so I can save time by avoiding re-writing lists, remember what I actually need, and then have it organized in a way that keeps me from traversing the grocery 19 times to pick up things that I walked right past. ”  I never make the program.  I always forget things for my list and at the grocery, and it takes me hours to get done.  Help has arrived! I am happy to report that Firefox now has a “grocery list generator” extension. This easy little extension lists all your favorite items from the grocery by category, can be customized to your specific needs, and even has recipes. This is why Firefox is great. Is this the next “killer ap” that you must have. How do I know? It is something that will save me time, costs me nothing, and saves me from having to try in vain to invent it. Heck Yes!  Get Firefox! Buy Groceries! Eat Them! Use exclamation marks! AND CAPITAL LETTERS! BOLDED! Then were going to Ohio! California! Texas! Iowa! Michigan! and to the White House!…AAAAAGGGGHHHH (virtual Howard Dean impression, sorry I got carried away.)  Really, check out the extension.  Thanks to Lifehacker for the tip on this one.
Mozilla Update :: Extensions — More Info:Grocery List Generator – All Releases

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