Internet Explorer 7 (looks a lot more like Firefox)

Alright, so you are not sure if Firefox is for you. You are used to using Internet Explorer. You are just more comfortable with Microsoft, or you have never felt the need to explore your web browsing options. Well, at the very least, you should download the new Internet Explorer 7. What is IE7 like? Well it is a lot like Firefox. You will find tabbed browsing, which means that you can have lots of “tabbed windows” opened simultaneously. It makes navigating between multiple pages much easier than the old method of switching between completely separate windows. Another Firefox feature you will find is a built in RSS Feed indicator. The little orange button lets you easily subscribe to a site’s “feed” alerting you when new information appears on the site. There are thousands of emerging uses for RSS. I will elaborate on that more some other day. Back to IE 7. There is a built in search bar, set to Google, and there are filters to protect you from phishing and pop up ads. The one thing that IE 7 can offer that you can’t currently get on Firefox, is the latest version of the Google Toolbar. You can actually run it in the current version of IE, but it is much more effective combined with the RSS features of the new version. (more on that to come also)
Bottom line:

  • If you love Firefox, you will want to upgrade to the new IE 7 for times when Firefox does not load a page correctly. You will probably not switch to IE7 as your browser of choice, because most of the new enhancements are already available in Firefox.  Additionally, Firefox is much more customizable to your needs.  Still IE7 is a huge improvement, and worth installing.
  • For current users of Internet Explorer, this upgrade is a must.  Ultimately, I would advise you to switch to Firefox, but if you insist on staying with IE, this is a much better version.  The open nature of Firefox is intimidating to a lot of people, and the upgrade to IE 7 is a move in the right direction. It is easier to use than the current version of Internet Explorer, and the new features are nice.  Perhaps this will be what it takes to get you into using RSS, which would be a great.  Ultimately, this may drive more people to switch to Firefox down the road.

Firefox is my web browser of choice.  I will still do most of my surfing with Firefox, but it is nice that at least when I have to use IE, it acts and feels more like Firefox.Internet Explorer 7: Beta 2 Preview

2 Responses to “Internet Explorer 7 (looks a lot more like Firefox)”

  1. 1 Jim February 8, 2006 at 3:33 am

    I’m liking Firefox and I’m going to stick with it. Thank you for recommending Firefox.

  2. 2 david February 8, 2006 at 12:46 pm

    No problem. I make no claims on being an internet technology expert, but I know something good when I see it. Firefox is excellent. The more you use it, and customize it to your tastes, the better it gets.

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