“Like a phone without a ringer”

People often ask me, “Where do you get the time to find all the things you talk about on your blog?” The real answer is I don’t find it, it finds me; via RSS. I love to pimp RSS (Really Simple Syndication). It is the way I typically navigate the web, and has broadend my view of the internet. I believe it is something that can make your experience with the internet dramatically better, and therefore I will continue to post about RSS regularly.
This week, David Esrati, of The Next Wave and Blogosopher fame, has done my dirty work for me. Please check out his post “A website without RSS is like a phone without a ringer.” It is a great take on the benefits of using this great tool. My hope is that once you have read David’s post, you will come back and subscribe to my RSS feed. Subscribing is easy to do. If you have Firefox, (which is FREE) you can simply use the built in subscription features. David discusses this in his post. Another option is to subscribe by clicking on one of the buttons along the right side of this site. (My Yahoo, Google RSS, Bloglines) They are all easy to use, and offer a wide range of features that make the web more enjoyable. Even if you decide not to subscribe to MY feed, (God forbid) I urge you to learn about RSS (link to wikipedia entry on RSS). It is the future of the web.

Want to discuss RSS? Voice your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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