Thank You Dr. King

I decided to post my weekly Thank You a day early after watching a very compelling program, Citizen King, on PBS last night about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. King exemplified focus. He was determined to bring about change in America. He was so committed to the cause that it ultimately cost him his life. It is pretty clear that Dr. King realized that he would likely die as a result of his mission, but he did not relent. His cause was noble. His commitment was steadfast. He was pressured to change by those within his camp, the FBI, hate groups, politicians, and others, but he stayed on course- only sharpening his focus. His commitment to non-violent action as a means to generate positive social change has changed our world. I have so much respect for Dr. King, that I feel compelled to say “Thank You.” Thank you Dr. King for your courage. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for your commitment. You could have embraced violence. You could have chosen to just stop your efforts. You persisted, and your legacy lives on as an inspiration to all of mankind. Your voice has inspired mine, and that of countless others. Thank you Dr. King.

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American Experience | Citizen King | PBS

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