Squidoo : Lenses : Customer Service Reader

Squidoo is a search tool developed by Seth Godin and company. The motto of Squidoo is “everyone is an expert on something.” The idea is to create a community of sites and links that allow you to find information on topics without having to wade through thousands of pages of junk that appear in more popular commercial sites (Yahoo, Google, etc…). The sites, known in Squidoo as lenses, contain a wealth of information about a topic, including blog posts, links, pictures, and more. It is a pretty new project, and shows a lot of promise. I have found it very useful. You can build a lens about anything you want. A great example of a lens is that of Customer Service Reader, a site dedicated to helping businesses better serve their customers. Chock full of information, links, and commentary, it is a great source for anyone in business. I have even started 2 of my own modest lenses, Dave’s Marcom Lens & The Know– works in progress to be sure, but attempts none the less. Please check out Squidoo and voice your opinion about it by leaving a comment below. Thank you, and have a nice day! (Customer Service site already paying off)
Squidoo : Lenses : Customer Service Reader

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