How to Remove a Splinter

OUCH!!! Last summer happened to be the first in our new home. We quickly discovered that our lovely back deck was chock full of splinters when one of my nephews managed to get a couple of them lodged in his foot at a summertime cookout. I wish I would have read this article from on splinter removal before we had tried to perform minor surgery on his toe. We ended up having to amputate his foot – not really, just checking to see if you were paying attention. Seriously, we tried and tried to get the thing out, with no success. We only managed to torture the poor boy for the better part of an afternoon. A day or two later it worked itself out of his foot, and he was back to normal. The best tip from the article, “Use tooth gel to numb the area before removal.” That is pure genius. Anyhow, I hope the article can save you and your loved ones from some future anguish.

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