Ready For Anything Chapter 1

Chapter 1. Cleaning Up Creates New Directions – Prepared for the Unknown?

Chapter one of Ready For Anything begins with a great line from David Allen. “Something is coming – probably within a few days – that is going to change your world.” The ability to handle that surprise- to view it an an opportunity- will be heavily associated with your preparation. Planning, reviewing, and clearing your mind of all of the clutter is vital to being ready. The idea is to maximize every opportunity in life- every moment is critical. A big part of this is having a “ubiquitous idea capturing tool.” Something that will capture thoughts, ideas, and future actions you need to take before they drift back into the abyss. I have been working on this pretty extensively over the past few weeks. I have a simple system that I continue to tweak periodically. I use a combination of a 3 ring binder and software from 37Signals. This system works for me. It helps me keep track of of my life- allowing me to live more in the now. There is less worry. There is less confusion. Does it take work and sacrifice to maintain the system? Of course it does. But like any good investment, the return it yields it greater than the initial input. Something is coming. I hope to be ready.

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Ready for Anything

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