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Flipping the Funnel

Looking for something to read? Seth Godin has an excelleMoving Funnelnt e-book entitled Flipping the Funnel available for free download on his site or from the link below. It is an excellent book. If you have never read his stuff before, it is a great way to check out his writing. The book references, Flickr, Squidoo, and some other great sites that are changing the net and the world. The book is about making the most out of your customer relationships, and it can benefit anyone. There are also alternate versions available for Non-Profits and Politicians. Read it and voice your opinion here with a comment.

Free Download of Flipping the Funnel

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“Like a phone without a ringer”

People often ask me, “Where do you get the time to find all the things you talk about on your blog?” The real answer is I don’t find it, it finds me; via RSS. I love to pimp RSS (Really Simple Syndication). It is the way I typically navigate the web, and has broadend my view of the internet. I believe it is something that can make your experience with the internet dramatically better, and therefore I will continue to post about RSS regularly.
This week, David Esrati, of The Next Wave and Blogosopher fame, has done my dirty work for me. Please check out his post “A website without RSS is like a phone without a ringer.” It is a great take on the benefits of using this great tool. My hope is that once you have read David’s post, you will come back and subscribe to my RSS feed. Subscribing is easy to do. If you have Firefox, (which is FREE) you can simply use the built in subscription features. David discusses this in his post. Another option is to subscribe by clicking on one of the buttons along the right side of this site. (My Yahoo, Google RSS, Bloglines) They are all easy to use, and offer a wide range of features that make the web more enjoyable. Even if you decide not to subscribe to MY feed, (God forbid) I urge you to learn about RSS (link to wikipedia entry on RSS). It is the future of the web.

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Jack Johnson and Curious George

This is an example of what I see as true synergy for a father. Jack Johnson doing the soundtrack for the upcoming Curious George movie. Let me explain. My daughter just turned two. Last Halloween she dressed up as Curious George and I was the Man with the Yellow Hat. We had a great time begging for candy and we shared a great father-daughter moment. My daughter and I also both share a love for the music of Jack Johnson. She regularly requests for daddy to play “On and On” or “Crying Shame” in the car stereo, or for Daddy to sing along with her to Jack’s tunes while we build towers. (and then tear them down) She knows the words to his songs almost as well as I do. Thus, I am very excited to see that Jack Johnson is writing and performing the music to the new Curious George movie. I look forward to having another collection of Jack’s tunes that we can enjoy together and play repeatedly. The movie looks like it will be fun too. Will Ferrell is the man with the Yellow Hat. (I thought I played the role quite well, but was not approached by the Producers.) Jack has a new video from the soundtrack. It is for the song “Upside Down,” and it can be found on his website (look in bonus video section). The track is great, and the video features him hanging out with George and his buddies. It is my hope that my daughter will share some more great moments thanks to Jack and George. Check it out and voice your opinions on Jack Johnson by leaving a comment below.

You may be asking yourself, “why the heck did he write the word delicious with all those periods in the title?” If so than than this post is for you. is a social bookmarking web site, or actually a community of them. allows users to “Tag” web pages that they enjoy or find to be remarkable in some way. The tags are stored publically, and then catalogued online. You can have your own page of tags linking to great stuff on the web. Why is this interesting? You can search the site to gather information on a topic. You can share things you love on the net with others, by creating your own tags. You can also look around to discover what other people are interested in discussing. My favorite thing about is that the site enables me to document resources that I come across on the internet, and then access them from any computer, anywhere. (assuming I can get to the net) Firefox even has an extension that creates a toolbar button that allows me to Tag pages with one simple click. No longer do I need to remember sites. I just go to my page and can find whatever I saved, sorted with my tags. makes the web easier to navigate, easier to surf, and easier to share. Check out today. If you are so inclined, tag posts you like (or hate) here on voice. Share your tags with me and others, and please place your comments below.

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Best College Beer? Friday Fun Poll


Sad but true, but on a bad week in college I probably drank more beer that I now consume annually. What makes a great college beer? Cheap, 17th one goes down as smooth as the first, comes back up smooth, goes down smooth again. The question is “What is THE quintessential college beer?”

Best College Beer? CAST YOUR VOTE
Once you vote, come on back and explain yourself!
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The Winner of Last Week’s Poll “The Personal Computer.” The PC just barely beat out Duct Tape and The Microwave Oven as the greatest invention since sliced bread. Thanks to everyone who voted and commented.  The comments continue to kill me.

Audacity: Free Recording Software

Hot on the heels of my waxing poetic about the good old days of making music with Derek and Dustin, I submit this post about the fantastic free audio recording software Audacity. This software can be installed and downloaded easily, and allows you to record virtually anything. The software has multi-tracking capablilities, built in effects, mixing features, click tracks, and more. You can use it to record live music, convert old cassettes and records to MP3 or WAV files, splice files, and even record streaming audio. For anyone interested in music on the cheap, Audacity is worth a look. I am excited to experiment more with it, and I am pondering how to use it as a virtual studio for multiple users in separate locations. The possibliities are pretty exciting. Voice your thoughts on audacity by leaving a comment below.
Audacity: About Audacity

Thank You: D Wade & D Wade

This week’s thank you post was inspired by a meeting I was involved in this morning. I was asked to introduce myself and tell the group something about me that they probably did not know. I volunteered the fact that from 8th grade through college and for a couple years beyond, I was the lead singer in a rock band. Derek Wade, Dustin Wade, and I (along with several great drummers) spent over a decade writing music, performing live, and having fun. These two guys have been involved in so many of the great moments of my life, and have provided me with some of my fondest memories of youth. (Freaking out the State Auditor’s Wife at her Birthday Party at Americana, Bucket Nights, Tuty’s, May Daze, Battle of the Bands, Barn Parties, Talent Shows, road trips etc…)  I still get chills when I hear Derek’s guitar solo in “My Place” or Dustin’s bass line in “Shape of What Surrounds.” It is funny to me that many of the people I know from that time in life would associate me with music, while most of those I work and go to school with now have no inclination of my musical past. Life changes things. The memories remain in my head, and I think back fondly of our days as rock stars. Together we wrote some pretty good music and had some amazing times, and I would like to say “Thanks.”
-Someday we will embark on the reunion tour.